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Can we see our therapist online/Telehealth?

Therapists will be available for online (Telehealth) therapy throughout the week. This type of service delivery is an effective way to provide therapy for a range of patients. Your therapists have spent time training to ensure we can implement this in the most effective way possible. You will likely find that a range of businesses are providing this type of service as an option during this pandemic.

If you are eligible and able to use online service delivery, your therapist will discuss this with you at your next appointment. This may involve one in-person session and/or test call where we introduce the software. If you will not be attending your next appointment and would prefer to begin Telehealth therapy immediately, please let us know and we can make other arrangements.

If we choose to do Telehealth, in most cases we will not begin immediately and your therapist will discuss it with you. Suitability will depend on a variety of factors, such as the resources you have at home, your home internet connection, your comfort with technology, as well as the child’s ability to maintain attention. All of these will be taken into consideration in this discussion.

A parent or adult will need to be present in the room with children at all times for any Telehealth sessions.

How do we pay for online sessions?

Please note that patients using the Medicare care plan and private health funds may not be eligible for rebates for therapy delivered online. Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) is trying to make changes to these policies due to the current conditions.

Patients using the NDIS (NDIA-managed or plan-managed) will not be affected. We will send you an email confirming your attendance (in place of signing for your attendance).

Private and self-managed patients will be able to pay invoices via bank transfer. For Telehealth patients, we will invoice you 48 hours prior to your appointment. We will request that you pay for the appointment no later than 24 hours in advance (eg. If your appointment is at 10am on Tuesday, please pay by 10am on Monday), and send a screenshot of receipt or reference number to your therapist. Please also include your child’s name and invoice number in the reference box. If you do not include a name, we may not be able to register your payment. If payment is not received on time, your appointment may be postponed or rescheduled.