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Western Sydney Speech Pathology is presenting a Free Information Webinar for people interested in registering for our Social Skills Group.

The Webinars will be held via Zoom and will go into further detail about this social group.

What is the social group?

Our social group is a 10-week program for children who have difficulties with their social communication skills.

During our group, children will be asked to bring along a friend who will work with them towards a common goal. Parents will be given structured homework to complete with their child after each session.

What will be taught in the program?

  • Learning to take turns with others
  • Introducing themselves to somebody new
  • Negotiating when working in a team
  • Responding appropriately to “no”
  • Learning to be flexible in response to others ideas

Why do you need good socials skills?

  • Reduce social exclusion
  • Develop quality peer relationships
  • Promote resilience

What do I need to do?

Please enter your contact details to express your interest in attending the webinar.