We are results oriented 

Practitioners employed at Western Sydney Speech Pathology set clear goals with the child and their family and discuss how progress will be measured.  

We are wholistic 

Practitioners employed at Western Sydney Speech Pathology consider the whole child and family when giving recommendations and setting therapy goals. During our sessions we aim to address the barriers which may be preventing your child from participating in therapeutic homework activities. Our practitioners aim to empower parents to become active participants in improving their child’s communication skills. 

We are systematic and cost effective. 

Western Sydney Speech Pathology practitioners are encouraged to book no more than 10 patients per day in order to ensure that we continue to provide a quality service. As such, systematic administration and resource management systems have been put into place to avoid employing administrative staff and keeping our fees to a minimum.  

We are consistent 

Western Sydney Speech Pathology practitioners are asked to follow clearly written policies and procedures. This ensures that all patients receive a consistent service regardless of the therapist they are seeing.  

We engage with the community 

Western Sydney Speech Pathology has a history of engaging with the community by participating in events such as the Blacktown Festival. Our company also engages with the community on a professional level. We ensure that we get back to our referral sources and make referrals to other health and community services as needed.  

We are adaptable 

Western Sydney Speech Pathology aims to respond to the needs of our employees, patients and the community. Western Sydney Speech Pathology openly seeks feedback from our patients on their satisfaction with our services. Practitioners at Western Sydney Speech Pathology are encouraged to attend professional development and initiate quality improvement projects for the benefit of the team.