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Meet Jasleen

Speech Pathologist

Days Working: Monday – Thursday

Jasleen joined the team at Western Sydney Speech Pathology in September 2020 after completing her Bachelor Degree in Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney.

During her studies, Jasleen worked as a Disability Support Worker where she supported a variety of clients in completing their speech pathology home programs. Jasleen is also an active volunteer at her church and at ‘Alive Missions’. As a volunteer, Jasleen developed her skills in behaviour management of young children, as well as delivered children’s programs to small and large groups.

Education and Qualifications

  • B. Applied Sci. (Speech Pathology)

Why did you become a speech pathologist?

When it came to deciding what I wanted to study at university, I knew that I was interested in working with people, particularly with younger children, and that I enjoyed learning about the human body. Having seen a speech pathologist myself in my childhood, I started investigating more about what it was about, thought it ticked my boxes, and decided, ‘why not’!

What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to work alongside families as we witness and celebrate together each step their child takes. There’s something invaluable about being able to support others in what may be a new or challenging time in their lives.

There’s also something very endearing about being around kids – they always have both the strangest and funniest things to share!

What is your favourite children’s book?

A recent discovery I made was the book, ‘When Sadness Comes to Call’ by Eva Eland. It’s a beautifully drawn, and wonderfully written story exploring that often uncomfortable feeling of ‘sadness’, and why we don’t need to be so afraid of it.